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Your professional cleaning service in the Karlskrona area

Welcome to HK-Cleaning Service, a cleaning company that takes cleaning seriously and offers you a wide range of experienced, professional cleaning services.
We are based in the beautiful city of Karlskrona, Sweden but we provide our services in the whole county of Blekinge including the cities Ronneby, Karlshamn and Sölvesborg.

From window cleaning to office cleaning and final cleaning (before you move out).

You will always receive the highest standard of cleaning service, supported by our friendly, professional and qualified staff. We have a 100 % indemnity and liability insurance.
The Swedish direct deduction (RUT-avdrag) means private individuals only pay 50 % of labour costs at the time of purchase. We administer your tax credit directly with the local tax office.

For more information welcome to call us on 0455-324902 or fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.


HK-Cleaning Service keeps updated on the development of the corona virus (covid-19) and follows the recommendations found on the website of the Public Health Authority and has ongoing contact with our employer organization.

How we handle the Swedish Public Health Agency’s new recommendations
We continue to adapt to handle everyday life with covid-19 in the best way and deliver our services safely and securely for both customers and employees. With the Public Health Agency’s new recommendations at the end of October, we have taken some extra measures to contribute to reducing the spread of infection, all in all we have done the following

  • Strengthened our hygiene routines and continuously inform our employees with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations on washing your hands, keeping your distance and staying home if you are ill.
  • Distributed hand sanitizer to our employees to bring to work.
  • Distributed masks primarily to employees who work at home with risk groups or to customers who want it.
  • Put in extra resources to take us to the customer in other ways than by bus and train, and do what we can to reduce the load on public transport. Among other things, we offer car transport to work to a greater extent and have rented bicycles so that our employees can get to the customer in a safe and smooth way.

We work at your home while you work at home

We clean as usual at our customers’! As a preventative measure, we urge our customers to contact us directly if there is a suspicion of an infection or if you have had contact with an infected person. The cleaning session is then re-booked. The cleaning session is then re-booked.

If you are not a customer today but want to start weekly cleaning now or forward to contact us to book over the phone, through a digital visit or a home visit.

Booked cleaning sessions
Many work from home these days or have to be at home with healthy children whose schools are closed and of course it is ok to be at home when….
It is good to know that we can be flexible with the length of the cleaning session and the cleaning day. Get in touch with us and we will help you!

Cleaning of windows
  • Cleaning of all windows, all sides (between only when they can be opened)
  • Wiping of window sills
Final cleaning when moving
One of the most difficult and stressful parts of moving is the cleaning. Our cleaning services meet the requirements of the most well-known landlords in Sweden.

Our final cleaning includes window cleaning and comes with a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. So if you, or the new tenant, feel that the cleaning is not up to the highest standard that guarantees we will return to make sure the cleaning meets your requirements.

The final cleaning includes

  • Cleaning of every room
  • Cleaning of joinery
  • Cleaning of and behind radiators
  • Wet wiping of floors
  • Wipe of interior doors
  • Wipe of cupboards and wardrobes
  • Wipe of electrical outlets and switches
  • Cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning of kitchen (incl stove, oven, grill, cooker hood and filters)
  • Cleaning of fridge and freezer inside/outside (not defrosting)
  • Cleaning of bathroom and toilet (incl floor drain)
  • Cleaning of utility room (incl washer/dryer)

Costs from 25 SEK per sq.m. after RUT-deductions, including VAT. Minimum charge is 1000 SEK.

Office cleaning
We clean offices with the same care for details as we do when cleaning homes. We focus on small and medium-sized offices and provide office cleaning in whole county of Blekinge. Our professional office cleaning is carried out as agreed.


Cleaning guarantee
Our cleaning guarantee applies for 3 days from the day of cleaning. Inquiries received later than within 3 days are not valid. We guarantee the quality of service provided if electricity and water are available on cleaning day. During cleaning the apartment/home should be empty.


The price incl. equipment, products and travelling. Invoice can be sent via mail or email when the cleaning is finished. We do not accept cash payments due to the new cash register law.

Customer service
You are welcome to contact our customer service with any questions on 0455-324902. Opening hours 8 am – 4 pm Mon – Fri.